Personalized Designs

It's your dream house. Let's work together to make it uniquely yours. That's how we've approached every client since we started creating custom homes a decade ago and why our referral and repeat business rates are so high. It's also why the friendships we've made are as important as the homes we've built.

Matching your style. Great homes should be inspired by the people who live in them and we work closely with our clients to find those unique features that truly turn your house into your home. It’s a process of getting to know what’s important to you, what appeals to you, and what ultimately defines the perfect place to live your life.

Exceeding your expectations. Big dreams bring high expectations. At Divine Custom Homes, we encourage you to reach for the stars because we’re confident we’ll make you happier than you imagined by providing more than you expected. We also think you should take this opportunity to create a special, unforgettable place you’ll call home.
Creating your masterpiece. We’ll make sure your journey is enjoyable and rewarding as we design and build all the foundations and details that make your home a work of art. Every angle will be carefully planned to ensure a final showcase where all element complement each other and where the home exceeds the sum of all its magnificent parts.
Protecting our world. We believe preserving our natural resources should be integral to the building process and we’ll design your home to be energy efficient and build it with sustainable products. We’ll also gently place it within the natural elements, seamlessly blending beauty of home and landscape into the ideal living environment.
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